I upgraded to Windows 10 a day or so ago and I was looking through my programs and under my Task Manager > Start Up I found "psimouse" published by Pixart Imaging Inc. and from what I found out, it tracks your keyboard and mouse input. I noticed this program called PXIMouse running as a Background process on my PC even though I have no memory of downloading or installing it. I looked it up on my PC and found nothing. I googled it and found people saying that its a Virus but other people saying that its not. I have been having. Greetings everyone's, today i notice on task manager have strange application running on windows backgrounds it name pximouse.exe (32bit) or detailed tiltwheelmouse.exe location file in system32 and have strange logo im worry it is virus or keylogger (im search on google some ppl said it is recorded from McAfee that it means keylogger "cmiiw")before i update my windows update i never so I turned my laptop today and found one new process which I never saw, until now. Its called pximouse.exe. I searched web and some websites tell that this is a virus, and some websites There is a debate about this file all over the web pximouse can also show up as TiltWheelMouse Overall, I would say remove this file as soon as you can, it is reported as logging your keystrokes and mouse movement. If you use a computer and notice on task manager have the external application running on windows backgrounds have the name is pximouse.exe (32bit) or detailed tiltwheelmouse.exe location file in system32 and have the peculiar. I noticed that this program called PixMouse randomly showed up in my Task manager around the time that I started to encounter issues with my PC and I'm wondering if it's a Virus. What is pximouse.exe ? pximouse.exe is known as pximouse and it is developed by Pixart Imaging Inc.We have seen about 1 different instances of pximouse.exe in different location. So far we haven't seen any alert about this product. This process is in task manager and in startup. I have no idea what it is, and why its there. Can someone please Our database contains single file for filename pximouse.exe.This file belongs to product pximouse and was developed by company Pixart Imaging Inc.This file has description pximouse.This is executable file. You can find it running in Task Manager as the process pximouse.exe.