Skyline game engine

Hello, Reddit, I am a student looking to build my portfolio for game development. My strong suit is programming, but I can also help with writing, basic 3D modeling, and design, as well as provide some light assistance (so, nothing very advanced) with other fields. My main programming language is C++, but I can easily learn other programming languages, especially if they're similar to C++. I'm also quite proficient with GML, the scripting language of GameMaker: Studio. I have experience. Hi First of all I really enjoy the game and Im so happy that best game of its genre comes from Finland. Could't be happier! Hyvä Suomi! I have also brought many of the dlcs and they seem decent at least. Haven't had the chance try the industries update yet though. My main problem with dlcs is that they are mostly cosmetic. For example park dlc made it possible to create parks but it was mostly cosmetic. You could level it up and get more things to build and generate slight income Overly salty? Maybe, but it's crazy that in this 0 game they can't be bothered to add seasons besides a winter forever toggle on map creation. If you can not trade through the steam window, (key, gift etc.) you will go first. Exceptions may be made for those with higher flair. Something similar to NMS, preferably set in space. I've been playing C:S with no mods to try and get all the achievements. I recently finished building all of the monuments and special buildings. My city is so big that my game has slowed to a crawl. I have to fast forward to the highest setting just so it goes closer to a normal speed (it still runs slower than a normal day before). As you can imagine, this is pretty frustrating. Any way to speed it up? I've already tried lowering some of my graphics settings, but I'm not convinced that it helps. Hi, Just wanted to check that this is 'business as usual', and not some quirk on my end. I just recently purchased a GTX 970 (upgrading from a 560 ti), and while game performance has improved, it's not by much in some games. ARK runs noticeably better, Attila a little better (but still choppy). Cities Skylines, however, is a good example of a game that doesn't seem to run any better. Skylines, among others, seems to have a lot of CPU activity. My CPU is a 2600k i7, overclocked to around. Why does my ford focus do a rear wheel burnout at the start of a race? Some times it feels like the game was designed by little old ladies and their concept of street racing rather than actual car enthusiasts. This question recently came to my mind, and I would like to know what you guys think. I would definitely trade off cars so all or most of the cars can be premium. What about you? Edit: Sentence construction, changed some words. What cars can surpass 100km/h in less then 2 seconds with turbocharger forced induction? I know for sure 3 cars that can do such thing. Prosche 911 Carrera RSR2.8 (1973) Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 (2014) Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976) Does any other car do such defying physic miracles I am reminded of a story about one of the last workers at Atari's Jaguar system. He was there when Atari was working on the fighting game "Fight For Life", and was at a presentation attended by a lot of the higher-up managers and bigwigs. The presentation showed some gameplay of Virtua Fighter: Then Tekken: Then this, Atari's entry: And all the bigwigs applaud. The Crew® 2 Hot Shots – Patch 1.3.0 Notes – April 24th PC/PS4/XB1 Detailed patch notes Estimated patch size: 15 GB. #Features Live Summit Added Live-Summit weekly themed PvE competition, including modifiers, constraints and exclusive rewards. Learn more here: Added New reward types, including: new vanity items, complete vehicle visual packs, fame packs, maxed-out performance parts, full performance